11 Simple Things That Could Give Your Dog a Longer and Happier Life

When you have a dog, you want to make sure that you keep him or her around for many years. However, you do not just want to prolong their lives; you want to make sure that they are happy and healthy. Here are 11 simple things you should do to add years to your dog’s life:

1: Keep your dog with a healthy weight

Many dog breeds tend to gain weight when you do not help them exercise as they need. The kind of food that you serve them also has a significant influence on their weight. So, you need to make sure that you provide your best friend with a healthy meal on a set schedule. Aim for a dog food that has been formulated for your dog’s life stage and follow the manufacturers’ recommendation to determine the amount that you should feed your dog (this amount should vary according to the dog’s weight). When in doubt, ask your veterinarian for the best food and amount to feed your dog.

2: Keep your dog active

One of the things that your dog loves doing is playing with you. So, why can’t you combine this with the need he or she has for exercising? You can just take your dog with you when you go walking or jogging, for example. The amount of exercise required will vary according to your dog’s age, breed, and size. However, you should aim for at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity. Older dogs may require low impact activities such as walking, while younger dogs will benefit the most from higher-intensity activities such as running.

3: Keep your dog social

While it is imperative for your dog to spend time with you, it is always essential for him or her to spend time with other dogs. Find out the nearest dog parks around your neighborhood and take him or her there on a regular basis. This is the perfect place for your dog to get used to other dogs and you can use the opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends and meet new people.

4: Don’t forget about love and affection

Just like humans, dogs need love and affection. The key here is to spend quality time with your dog. A few minutes well-spent at worth more than hours in which your attention is focused elsewhere.

5: Build a relationship with your dog

Just like you need time to know your dog, he or she also needs time to know you. And when you do this, you know their likes, dislikes, and how you can spend time together

6: Keep your home healthy and cleaned

A healthy and clean house is essential for both you and your dog. When you keep your home clean, you are making sure that you will not have any harmful chemicals or toxins around. This way, you will be decreasing the odds of you and your family developing diseases.

7: Maintain a healthy smile

Dog’s teeth tend to be neglected by many owners. Even though tooth decay is part of the aging process, there are many ways to prevent it.  Look for toys and bones available in pet stores to help with dental hygiene. Read this blog post to learn how you can take care of your dog’s smile.

8: Spay/Neuter

Spaying your dog can help in many different ways. When you decide to do it, you will prevent dog fights over females; he will stop doing territorial marking, and even wandering away from home. Also, spaying or neutering poses several health benefits for dogs.

9: Let your dog relax

We all agree that dogs need the time to exercise and play. However, they also need to have the time to relax. Make sure that you give your dog a break every once in awhile.

10: Have vaccinations and checkups up to date

Providing your dog with regular checkups, as well as making sure that they have all their vaccines and preventive medicines up to date, is crucial.

11: Keep a balanced nutritional diet

Dogs have six basic nutritional needs: water, fats, carbohydrates, protein, minerals, and vitamins. These important nutrients are needed to support your dog’s development, growth and maintenance. Feeding your dog the right food, combined with a multi-vitamin supplement and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids (fish oil) will ensure your dog’s happiness, health and longevity.

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