Extreme Thirst in Dogs: Causes, Tips, and Facts

Measuring the amount of water that your dog drinks on a day can be challenging because she/he can be a messy drinker, or simply you could not be near her/him to see it. Dogs need around half to one ounce of water per pound (0.453kg) a day. Therefore, a dog that weighs 8 pounds (3.6kg) will need one cup of water a day approximately.

Super active dogs or puppies get thirsty more, which is pretty normal. However, if you believe that your dog is drinking more water than what he/she needs, it could mean that there is a serious problem in her/his body. Use your common sense and evaluate the patterns of extreme thirst.

Dogs can get particularly thirsty on hot days, when they have had an extended or excessive play and walks, or anything related to intense exercise. If your dog is asking for water in those situations, then it is completely normal.

However, if your dog gets thirsty without apparent reasons and very often, he/she might be showing a sign of not feeling well. In this case, you should evaluate other signs, “is he/she peeing more than usual?” “is she/he behaving differently?”. If you are not sure, you can ask your veterinarian and arrange an appointment.

Signs of Diabetes in Dogs

Looking excessively for water is a common sign of diabetes among dogs. It is cause for an increased fluid loss during exercise and regular routines. In order to be sure of this disease, you must check with your vet and create a diet plan to help your four-legged best friend.

Aging and Complications in Dogs

Aging could be a reason for excessive thirst in dogs, especially because kidney and liver disease are common while your dogs get older. Trauma and infections can also trigger diseases of the kidney or liver as well; your veterinarian will surely run tests to find out if this is the case.

Your Dog diet and Thirstiness

If your dog eats kibble, she/he might be looking for a water bowl more frequently. You must pay attention to what food items you are giving to your dog because some human food can be harmful and toxic. For example, garlic, chocolate, and onions are toxic to dogs, and increased levels of sodium can be harmful to them as well. These items may be the cause of excessive thirst.

Medication and Thirst

Some medication could produce thirstiness in your dog. Anti-inflammatory medicines used for allergies or asthma, as well as meds for seizures and heart failure, tend to increase thirst in your dog.

Developing a Routine

If you schedule and follow a routine for your dog, it will be easier to realize any sign regarding her/his health. Keep measures on the amount of water you give him/her and make sure to refill the water bowl at the same time every day. If you notice any critical signs related to your dog’s health, this information may be useful for your veterinarian to find out what is going on inside your dog’s body.

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