How to Make Your Dog Happier and Healthier

Do you think your dog is getting bored and unhappy? Fortunately, with just a bit of effort, dogs are very easy to please and love. From some snuggle time on the sofa to a walking routine, we are going to mention some ways to give happiness to your dog; but remember to be creative and explore some other ideas on your own.

  1.  Play Hide & Seek: Dogs adore playing; therefore, engaging in indoor games is an easy way to make your dog happy. To play this game, your dog must stay still while you find a hiding place. Once you are hidden, you can call her/him to find you. If your dog is unable to stay still, you can ask somebody else to distract him/her while you hide. He/she will adore this game, and you will get amused too.
  2. Teach your dog new tricks: Training doesn’t have to be a boring activity. There are other training possibilities beyond sit, stay and lay down. Try to teach your dog something funny like weaving through your legs, spinning, crawling, going to bed, among others. They are way more comfortable to teach than what you think, and your dog could enjoy them even more.
  3. Cook homemade treats for your dog: Cooking can be very entertaining, and when you are exploring new ways to make food for your dog it could be awesome. You can find on the internet easy recipes that your dog will love and enjoy watching him/her eat something that you did with your own hands.
  4. Cuddle with your dog: Dogs adore having a routine, and cuddling could be a significant part of it. You could integrate some cuddle when watching TV at night or just after eating. This activity will not only make him/her feel loved but will also strengthen the connection between both of you.
  5. Take your dog swimming: Many dogs adore water. It could be great to explore lakes, pools, or any water body in which your dog is allowed to swim. Swimming is also an excellent exercise for your dog; you can throw some sticks or toys into the water so she/he could look for it. If your dog is not used to water, you can provide her/him a doggie life jacket for protection.
  6. Change your dog’s toys: Dogs often get bored with toys; you can rotate them and make your dog happier instead of buying new ones. Instead of giving your dog access to 10 toys at the same time, only give him/her access to one or two and then change the toys for the next day. This strategy will amuse your dog and make him/her feel more attracted to the toys.
  7. Look for another dog to play with yours: It is easy to find another friendly dog to be your dog’s friend. Neighbors or even family members may have dogs, and you can make dates, so they spend some time together. Going to the park or playing with another dog in the backyard can be very amusing for your dog. Try to arrange these visits as often as possible to ensure happiness and some outside exercises for your dog.
  8. Give a job to your dog: For years, many dogs were bred to work alongside humans. Dogs are capable of proceeding with many tasks, and they could get entertained with them. Teach them to look for the mail, pick up sticks in the backyard or open doors. They will be very excited about completing these activities and achieving goals with you.
  9.  Learn how to give your dog a massage: Massages can be very relaxing for dogs. If your dog is healthy, massages will calm him/her. However, if your dog suffers from any disease such as arthritis, a massage could stimulate his/her muscles and tissue and improve the circulation inside her/his body

About the author:

Dr. Stephanie Flansburg-Cruz practices mixed animal veterinary medicine and she has a special interest in shelter medicine and animal welfare. Stephanie enjoys volunteering at local animal shelters, reading, writing and traveling.

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