Premier Omega Oil For Large Dog Breeds

  • 3,000 Mg OF OMEGA 3’s PER TEASPOON

The Extra Health Boost Your Large Dog Breed Needs

 Soft & Shiny Coat 

May Help Relieve Allergies  

Lubricates Joints 

May Promote Heart Health  

May Boost Immune System 

May Reduce Inflammation

May Relieve Dry & Itchy Skin

May Decrease Shedding

Why Give Premier Omega Fish Oil to Large Breeds?

This oil is formulated to give larger dog breeds the necessary nutrition needed to support and maintain optimal health, energy and longevity with minimal possible amount of fish oil (1 teaspoon has over 3,000mg of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, 3 times the potency or most fish oil in the market including Iceland Pure fish oils). Dogs thrive on a healthy diet high in omega-3 fatty acids – EPA and DHA. EPA among many other ailments is an anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation due to arthritis and allergies. DHA among many other ailments supports the central nervous system, brain and retina. Fish oil may reduce the risk of kidney failure and heart disease and for Breeders Omega 3 fatty acids creates an upsurge of sperm creation. The healthy fats nourish your dog’s skin to relieve itching, paw licking and dryness while nurturing a soft, silky coat. One other oil that we highly recommend to add in addition to Iceland Pure Premier Omega fish oil is Iceland pure Shark Liver oil. 

BPA-free Safe Aluminum Bottle

Also, let’s not forget that plastics can contaminate oils, as is evidenced by plastic bottles of oil you see which are caving in on themselves. We at Iceland Pure are concerned about your Pet’s Health, so we have housed all of our products in Brushed Aluminum bottles with a micro-thin BPA-free epoxy coating. This not only prevents cross contamination / leaching with the container, but also prevents light degradation that may occur in white or clear containers.

Pharmaceutical Grade Quality

We offer only the highest fish oil quality available on the market. 

GMO Free Ingredients 

Our Oils are free from genetically modified material (GMO free) and components.

Mild Fish Smell

More potency with a mild fish scent, this is a concentrated fish oil using Ethel Esters Distillation. Many Vets prefer this distillation method due to the Omega 3 absorption using this method  is faster than Triglycerides distillation.

Contains No Rosemary Extract

Some fish oil products contain rosemary extract as a preservative. Rosemary oil can cause neurological problems, seizures and anemia. For this reason, NONE of Iceland Pure  fish oils contain rosemary extract.

Learn more about the dangers of rosemary extract in pet products here.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Research

Feeding Directions Large Breed Dogs

1 pump = 1/2 teaspoon.

  • 75Lb to 100Lb 3,000Mg x day 2 pump
  • 100Lb or Larger 4,500Mg x day 3 pumps
  • Or as recommended by your Veterinarian

You may also consider

Dr. Keith Weingardt recommendation if your furry friend has no issues. 

  • 1 Teaspoon per 20 pounds of body weight once a day about 1,000mg per 20lb. Provided by

If there are issues present, the dosage could be increased by double or reduced depending on the issue as necessary.

  • Always consult your vet before starting a higher dosage of Omega 3 fatty Acids.
  • We recommend to use a measuring spoon in better accuracy is needed.

Product Facts

Guaranteed Analysis per Teaspoon (4,800mg)

  • Crude Protein 0%
  • Crude Fat 99.9%-Moisture 0.1%
  • Crude Ash 0%
  • Total Omega 3 Fatty Acids max* 3,053.3mg/tsp
  • Eicosapentaenoic Acid max* (EPA) 1,511.1 mg
  • Docosahexaenoic Acid max *(DHA) 1,103.1 mg
  • Omega 6 fatty acid’s max* 61.6 m
  • Vitamin E 1,051ppm
  • Ingredients: Sardine and Anchovies wild
  • Mixed Tocopherols (preservative)

Calorie Content 

10 calories per 1 gram. 1 Litter (33oz) = 10,000 calories

17oz = 5,000 calories

99 teaspoons in 17oz

5,000/ 99= 50.50 calories per TS

Ounce per Ounce Comparison

One 8.75oz of Premier Omega fish oil bottle equals to a 26oz bottle of any of the other Iceland Pure fish oils.

One 17oz of Premier Omega fish oil bottle equals to a 51oz bottle of any of the other Iceland Pure fish oils.


We recommend that you use the oil once opened within 120 days, this doesn't mean that the oil will go bad after such period. The best way to know if the oil is good is by smelling it. If it smells rancid it is time to get a new bottle. If the oil is kept in the fridge, it will last much longer but it is not necessary to do so. Due to the light viscosity of this oil placing it in the fridge will make the oil denser, making the pump  work efficiently.

Important Information

WE ARE ALSO ENCLOSING A CAP FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE TO CAP THE BOTTLE IN THE EVENT THAT YOU RATHER USE A MEASURING SPOON INSTEAD OF THE PUMP. This is a new pump and we haven’t had any problems with it, if you do please let us know so we can correct the problem. The Silicone plug tends to become yellow, if this is your case there is nothing wrong with the oil, this happens just because the oil dyes the silicone plug.

Very Important Notice**Our Premier Omega fish oil is super concentrated thus it may stain or damage plastic, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you place a small glass plate under the bottle.**

Premier Omega Fish oil is not unscented, this oil has a mild fish smell. If you have a sensitive nose or just hate the smell of fish let's say that you have been warned....

Premier Omega fish oil can be given to small dogs but is just harder to dosage properly. That is why we recommend it for Larger Breeds.

Product Rotation is important in order to maximized the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Triglyceride vs. Ethyl Esters

Fish oils, naturally contain triglycerides with DHA and EPA. When the fish undergoes purification process through "molecular distillation," the fatty acids become liberated and become the ethyl ester free form. Some fish oil products synthesize the ethyl ester form back into triglyceride form in hopes of preserving the original oil content and reportedly for better stability to sit for longer periods on the store shelves.

However, many other companies, including many pharmaceutical companies, maintain the purified ethyl ester form. But which of the two is better? If you do research on these two forms, and get past all of the technical mumbo-jumbo, you will probably agree that:

1. Both are good...
2. However the omega 3 acid ethyl ester form actually is more advantageous.
Here's why.
3. Omega 3 ethyl ester fish oil is bio-available

In order for the body to use fatty acids such as DHA or EPA, they must first be liberated into ethyl ester (EE) form. The EE form is what we could think of as the "pre-digested" form of oil that is readily absorbed by the body. Detailed studies on this oil absorption have indicated that the EE fish oil form may be more bio-available and more readily processed by the cells and incorporated into cell membranes.

Ethyl ester form maintains freshness
Since this form is easier to assimilate, it is less likely to cause that rancid odor and less likely to give you that fishy burp. Omega 3 acid EE can maintain freshness even longer than triglyceride-based fish oil supplements.

The EE form is supported by scientific research
Compared to triglyceride form, it is backed by more scientific and clinical research studies and papers. It is also the form that is often preferred for high doses of DHA and EPA. This is not to say though that the triglyceride form is not effective.

In fact, triglyceride omega 3 fish oils are actually very effective. In many studies, the EE form produced similar or better clinical results compared to the triglyceride form. In one study, even at equal concentrations, the EE form showed better results in lowering triglycerides and reducing platelet aggregation. This is not a sweeping and exhaustive study but it does give a good indication that the EE form is superior. 

What are omega 3 acid EE and what does this all mean to you when you choose fish oil supplements? The truth is, both triglyceride and ethyl ester fish oil supplements produce health benefits because they are rich in DHA and EPA.

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