Bringing Optimal Health to Canines Through Iceland Pure Salmon Oil

Iceland Pure Pet Products is helping pet owners relieve their pets’ health issues through high-quality dietary supplements. It is well known in the world of veterinary care that fish oil products help pets with one of the most common health ailments – itching. Itching is typically the result of an inflammatory response within the body. Once the link was made between fatty acids found in fish oils and a decrease in inflammation, Iceland Pure Pet Products began working to create a fish oil supplement that would end to inflammatory-related itching. Iceland Pet Pure Pet Products is excited to announce that it supplies pet owners with a salmon oil product that promotes heart health, decreases inflammation, and eases allergies.

Pets are family members, and when they suffer, the rest of the family shares their pain. There is no reason to accept chronic itching and illness as part of a pet’s daily life when high-quality fish oil for dogs and other pets can help. Unfortunately, many of the dietary supplements available for pets are not transparent about what ingredients they use. The only thing worse than not knowing what ingredients are is receiving products with expired ingredients. At Iceland Pure Pet Products, all salmon oils are imported from Norway and bottled in Vista, CA the same week the shipment is received. Taking care of the earth is a shared responsibility that is recognized by the company’s founders. As such, the products at Iceland Pure are never bottled in plastic.

Confident in the efficacy of their salmon oil supplements, Iceland Pure Pet Products offers a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee. If a customer has opened and used the oil but is not satisfied by the results, he or she can ship the bottle back to the company for a complete refund. A detailed return policy is available on the company’s webpage.

One of the undesirable characteristics of most fish oil products is the smell. Fortunately, the team at Iceland Pure Pet Products has solved this problem. Any concerns about odor are resolved through the company’s product deodorization process. All fish oils from the company are deodorized, pet-grade, and even human-grade. Furthermore, the salmon oil supplements at Iceland Pure are guaranteed fresh for 160 days. The primary goal at Iceland Pure Pet Products is to produce outstanding natural products through an environmentally responsible process.

Iceland Pure, a leader in the pet supplement industry, offers the highest quality pharmaceutical grade fish oil products for pets. Sourced from Norway and Iceland, their Omega-3 and Omega-6 fish oil supplements promote pet health. All-natural and nutrition-rich, fish oil supplements from Iceland Pure make pets healthier and happier.


To shop for salmon oil for dogs, visit the Iceland Pure website at Iceland Pure products can also be purchased on Amazon and Chewy.

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