Iceland Pure Fish Oil Products Help Pets Live Itch Free

Veterinarians across the nation are recommending fish oil products as a treatment option for pets that struggle with itchy, irritated skin, which is often caused by inflammation. To meet the need for pet supplement products, Iceland Pure has developed a highly effective product line of salmon and sardine oil supplements. Comprised of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, fish oil supplements have a proven track record of decreasing inflammation levels, lubricating joints, promoting heart health, and alleviating allergy symptoms. Iceland Pure’s products can help make a pet’s itchy skin a thing of the past.

Pets complete families and offer companionship in a way that is simply one of a kind. Iceland Pure works hard to help beloved pets across the country. All of the products produced by the company are bottled within the previous week and originate in Iceland and Norway. Products are bottled in Vista, California. Iceland Pure never packages products in plastic. Operating by environmentally conscious means allows the company to maintain its ethical values and responsibilities.

Iceland Pure is so sure that its fish oil for dogs and cats will be an effective form of treatment for pets that they offer a 30-day product return policy. Regardless of whether the product has been opened or not, customers send back their lightly used 8.75-ounce bottle for a complete refund. The company’s detailed return policy is available on their official website.

One of the qualities that sets Iceland Pure apart from the competition is that all their fish oil products are human-grade, pet-grade, winterized, deodorized, and plastic-free. Fish oils are used by pets and humans alike, but a frequent complaint is that most brands have a distinct fishy smell. Odor concerns are completely eliminated with Iceland Pure’s deodorization process. It is now possible to consume fish oil products and reap the benefits without the pungent odor. While the oils are guaranteed to maintain their freshness for 120 days, they may last even longer. However, if an oil product ever takes on a harsh smell, it is likely expired and should be replaced.

Iceland Pure is a small company making a dramatic difference in the market of pet health. Environmentally packaged products are shipped directly to the customer’s home, so finding ethically sourced and produced fish oil products has never been easier.

Iceland Pure, a leader in the pet supplement industry, provides only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade fish oil products for pets. Sourced from Norway and Iceland, their Omega-3 and Omega-6 fish oil supplements promote pet health. All-natural and nutrition-rich, fish oil supplements from Iceland Pure make pets healthier and happier.


To shop for salmon oil for dogs, visit the Iceland Pure website at Iceland Pure products can also be purchased on Amazon and Chewy.

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