Iceland Pure Pet Products Introduces CBD Products for Pets

San Diego, CA – Pets feel like a family. Those who have pets tend to form an attachment and love towards them. This attachment requires a lot of care for the pets. Iceland Pure Pet Products facilitates pet owners in this regard. By producing fish oil for pets, the company makes sure that pet owners take great care of their pets. Iceland Pure is now also producing CBD oil for pets. This pet CBD oil has a wide variety of benefits for pets, be it a cat or a dog.

CBD is also known as Cannabidiol, helps treat some grave conditions in pets like dogs and cats. CBD treats anxiety, pain, seizures, sleep deprivation, arthritis and much more. Iceland Pure produces a CBD infused fish oil with zero THC. This fish oil is non-psychoactive and is specially formulated for pets. In addition to that, this oil is blended with Iceland Sardine Anchovy.

Founded in 2005, the company imports oils from Iceland and Norway. These products are then brought to Vista, California in the USA, where these products are bottled and prepared for delivery to pet owners around the world. Iceland Pure Pet Products guarantees that the products are fresh. That’s because only a week’s worth of products is bottled, ensuring the products being fresh.

The oils produced at Iceland Pure Pet Products are packaged in aluminum bottles. Plastic bottles are not used at Iceland Pure because plastic is harmful to pets. As the founder of Iceland Pure Pet Products says: “We are committed to delivering the world’s safest, most effective omega fish oils for our furry friends, never in a plastic bottle. The reason I had to find a safe alternative was simple. I did not feel comfortable giving my dogs Rufus and Junior Salmon oil in a plastic bottle. Thus why would I sell it? It just did not feel right.

The oil supplements at Iceland Pure are according to the pharmaceutical standards. These oils are free of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), which is bad for pets. Furthermore, since the products are made of fish (hence the name fish oil), extensive filtration steps are taken to remove any fish smell.

Iceland Pure has the purest and freshest products. No preservatives are added to the products. Although many similar products use rosemary as a preservative, Iceland Pure products are free of rosemary. That’s because rosemary can cause a lot of side effects. The healthy supplements at Iceland Pure result in better heart health, shiny fur, lubricated joints, and strengthened immunity to support the pets at every stage of their lives.



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