The Most Common Health Issues in Dogs and Treatments

The happiness of your dog can be proportional to the love she/he receives and his/her health status. Understanding the possible negative signs and behavior that your dog expresses is crucial for her/his healthy life. We are going to analyze 5 of the most common dog health issues that can be bothering your dog and what to do with them.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are prevalent in dogs, especially among breeds known for floppy ears. The ears of a dog are prone to infections because their canals are vertical, which makes bacteria easy to enter.

If your dog is shaking her/his head or tilting it could be a sign of ear infection, as well as excessive rubbing or scratching the ears. You must look closely for any discharge or odor coming from the ears.

Preventing this type of infections requires high levels of hygiene. You can consult your veterinarian for the best ways to incorporate ear cleaning into your dog’s routine. Furthermore, if your dog has already an infection, you should go right away to the vet to get a prescription for treatment.

Diarrhea and Vomiting

Diarrhea and vomiting are not diseases, but rather signs that show something could be wrong in your dog’s body. These signs could be acute, a short-term issue caused by a dietary problem. The conditions may go very fast. However, if it’s accompanied by other signs such uneasiness of your dog, fatigue, etc, the problem could be a deeper illness. In this case, you should provide your dog simple food and watch out for recurrence. If the problem continues, you should take your dog to the veterinarian to evaluate the possible causes of these signs; it could be food poisoning, a viral infection, or any other serious illness.


Excessive licking, biting, and scratching the skin are the most common signs of flea bites. Prolonged infestation can cause fur loss or skin abrasion. You should closely inspect your dog’s skin for fleas, including small eggs, or dark flea droppings.  Animal hospitals provide different topical and oral treatments for severe infestations. The best preventive methods for fleas include maintaining a clean space at home, especially in the backyard because the fleas usually hide in tall grass.

Hot Spots

A small irritation can be pretty bothering for your dog. If your dog starts scratching that area, it could be developed into a hot spot. If a hot spot is left untreated, it could cause terrible infections. The treatment is usually a topical one; it includes cleaning, drying the problematic area, clipping matted hair, and applying soft disinfectant. Helping to reduce the irritation will be a key point on preventing your dog from inflicting more harm to the spot.

The most frequent health problems on dogs are also the easiest to identify; they tend to be easy to treat as well. If any of the mentioned signs persist for long periods of time in your dog, it is important to consult your local vet about underlying issues and possible solutions. Maintain a close observation of your furry friend, and she/he will live happy and healthy!

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