At Iceland Pure we believe that omega oils are essential to keep your pets in good health.   

We are committed on delivering the world's safest, most effective omega fish oils for our furry friends never in a plastic bottle. The reason I had to find a safe alternative was very simple, I did not feel comfortable giving my dogs Rufus and Junior Salmon oil in a plastic bottle, thus why would I sell it just did not feel right.

Founded in 2005, we are a small company dedicated to offer the best fish oils for dogs, cats and horses. We bottled only what we need to deliver in a weeks time, by doing so we can guarantee that our product is always fresh. Our products come from Iceland and Norway and bottled in our warehouse located in Vista, California

The Iceland Pure Family 

Meet Muddy

Diego, the killer Chihuaha

Meet Bronte

“The condition has cleared up completely.  It does make a difference.”


He developed quite a bit of hair loss, and dry, scaly skin. The holistic vet recommended the Salmon Oil, and this is unbelievable. Within 2 months, the condition has cleared up completely. It does make a difference.

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