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Due to Federal Regulation our credit card processor is not allowing us to promote our CBD product line in our website.

If you need CBD products please contact us via our contact page and request a call from us.

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33oz Pump Shortage

Due to COVID 19 and the recent global shipping disruption we do not have the proper size PUMP  for our 33oz bottles. Therefore we are forced to use our 17oz bottle pumps for the 33oz bottles. The 17oz pump Dip Tube is shorter than the 33oz pump which means that you will have to pour out by hand the last 2” to 3” of the oil leftover inside of the bottle. Please use a measuring spoon to measure the appropriate dosage.

We expect to have this lack of inventory for at least 30 days.

Save the silicone plug in order to cap the bottle properly and as needed.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.