February 26, 2022 - Amanda wrote:

I just wanted to send you a message saying thank you for your products!! I rotate my dogs between your Sardine oil and Salmon oil and they have never looked better! I have tried every fish oil out there, and either they go bad so fast, or they are just gross, my dogs don't like it, or the quality is bad. But I have never had issues with yours and LOVE the bottles. I tagged you in some social media posts and I hope I can get my students and followers to give you a try!! Thank you!!


January 29, 2022 - Audra wrote:

Once I struggled with 'Tonka' and his allergies for a few years, my boss was like get him on Omega 3's. The issue was there weren't any companies that had high enough Omega 3 in their product.(We dose 75mg/kg)  I'd have to administer like 4-5 capsules for his his size(80lbs), so not cost effective either! It was highly frustrating and I looked... for a really long time. 

My boss remembered hearing about Iceland Pure at that dermatology lecture, pulled out his notes and told me to look the company up.  Thank God I did because it totally changed my dogs life.  He's doing amazing and every year his allergies are affecting him less and less.  For the first time this past allergy season,  he didn't lose most of his hair as he's done for 6 years now.  I also put my other two dogs on it, one has some allergies the other does not, but with all the benefits of Omega 3s, why not? All of them love it and are healthy. I also think of their aging issues and know by doing this now, it might help them with them joint issues, heart health, etc. I had a foster puppy who had also developed allergies and is now on the Iceland Pure~doing so much better! His owners are also so thankful and amazed at the difference!

Joanne wrote:

We started using Iceland Pure Fish Oil Products when Rosie, our Belgian Malinois was a puppy. She will be 15 years and 9 months old in December 2020. Thank you for the wonderful products and the wonderful help whenever needed.

Bob Karl wrote:

I just finished the first bottle of Premier (love, love, love your products, by the way) - do I recycle the empty bottle just like other aluminum containers or do I send it back to you to be used again. Your bottles are so nice and sturdy, it seems like they could be refilled time-after-time. I do like the pump assembly on the Shark Liver bottle much better than either of the other two pump models I've received on the Premier bottles (just feedback for you).

Again, love your products - 'Ted' (2 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees) has never looked better - her overall health, skin and eyes are the picture of vitality, and her skin condition and itching cleared up within a couple of weeks after starting your products. You are a God-send!

Thank you so much, did I mention your shipping is better than any other online vendor I use - and I use a lot! Thank you for that!

Allison S wrote: 

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I love your Salmon Oil, my 14 year old Rottie has awful skin problems and the Salmon Oil has saved her life. I also use it for my Standard Poodle.

I wanted to let you know that my Bubbles (14 years old) is still doing great on your Salmon Oil. She has fully recovered from her skin problems and ALL of her hair is grown back, her awful lesions and sores are gone, and she no longer requires special baths. In fact she has not had .

one since we started using the Salmon Oil. She is 100%! Her skin and hair is shiny and thick, fully restored to its natural beauty! She is actually shedding this spring, which we see as a miracle. It's just amazing what the Salmon Oil has done for her. Thank You so much for making such a great product! You have changed our lives.
My Standard Poodle's hair and skin is also amazing. I attribute this to your Salmon Oil. I give it to him daily. He grows hair fast and it is thick, soft, shiny, and smooth.
They both LOVE the taste of the Salmon Oil and devour there food. They lick there bowls clean. It is perfect.
I wanted to give you an update. I have a new picture that includes both dogs if you would like it for your website. Please let me know

Here is a before picture of my dog Bubbles:

After Iceland Pure Salmon Oil

On 8/29/19 Prisca Wrote:

Thank you so much for contacting me ... My pets and I truly appreciate not only your product but also your outstanding customer service!

Attached you will find a picture of the "eaten" dispenser portion and the culprit still licking his chops after chewing on it ... LOL

Thanks again 🙂


On 11/15/18 Laurie Wrote


Wow thank you ever so much!!!   Such kindness  you extended to us and Fiona (my soft coated Wheaten 6 yr old)  will really appreciate it.

It's a wonderful product!

Vic Wrote on 3-15-17

“Our 400 pounds of Leonbergers  have thrived with the addition of Iceland Pure’s Premier Omega oil to their raw diet twice daily.  We’ve been supplementing with Iceland Pure oil for years and after thorough evaluation and research never considered an alternative.  We alternate the Premier Omega every month with virgin coconut oil which contains Omega-6 medium-chain fatty acids and thereby balances the benefits of Iceland Pure’s Omega-3 oils. Our three, six and twelve year old Leos have incredible stamina and energy and our girl who is 12 years young is like a dynamo, keeping pace with the boys on two, hilly, hour and a half hikes every day. Actions do speak louder than words that’s why I listen to my dogs."

Sally C Wrote on 12/3/16

This message is for William who kindly refunded my product request.  I would like to commend you on being an outstanding company for animals.  My name is Sally Connor and I run a cat shelter in Michigan, USA  I recently purchased a bottle of fish oil for my cats dry skin.  The first cat I gave it to vomited, so I assumed the product was bad.  I was wrong!  The other cats loved it, and I need to order more.  I would like to order direct from you instead of going through “Pet Mountain” who I purchased it from before.  I would also like to include the $18.00 refund that William so kindly returned to me (that even included shipping, great guy).  Keep up the good work.  Please get back to me.

Sally C

On June 7, 2016 Chris Wilson, Owner of Against The Grain Pet Nutrition, wrote

Subject Muddy treats

Message My boy Tip LOVES these treats! He is a special rescue also - much like your Muddy. Just wanted to tell you thank you for a wonderful product that my picky boy adores. ~ Chris

Thank you!

Niki wrote on 11/6/11

Niki Burgan, an American Red Cross certified Lifeguard, saw that state and local budget cuts were directly compromising public safety on the beaches and in the water. So, she started a volunteer outreach program that highlights aquatic safety. SoCal H20 Rescue Team is comprised of certified lifeguards from various local agencies, and search and rescue dogs that assist in water rescues, vessel assists, bluff-collapse searches and recovery missions. The team also educates the public through school programs, beach demonstrations and public appearances. Now aided with 2 vessels for ocean search & rescue, and an Albatross plane and volunteer pilots Alan Chatfield and Dave Cummings, the team works cooperatively with local lifeguard and law enforcement agencies to keep our public safe in and around the water!

The K9 Lifeguards absolutely love the salmon oil, and their coats have never looked better since trying it! That's saying a lot, since they are in saltwater every other day, and it really takes its toll on their skin and fur. We would love to talk about a sponsorship with you, please contact us by email or phone and we hope to speak to you soon!

Niki Burgan, Director
SoCal H2O Rescue Team & K9 Lifeguard Service

Liane send us this message on 10/22/11 which I think is very important for you to know

I have used your product on and off for several years, and have always loved the results for my pups. I use it for my personal dogs as well as my foster dogs. Well I got lazy and stopped ordering and bought some salmon oil at a local "high-end" dog food specialty store.
My 4-yr old Australian Shepherd was recently diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy and we've done everything possible to remove seizure triggers from her life (chemicals, certain vaccinations, etc.). Rosemary (in any form) can be a trigger for some dogs and is to be avoided. Imagine my surprise when I read the ingredient label of the OTHER product and lo and behold - it's got rosemary extract! I then looked at every single fish oil product at one of the big pet food "box stores" and they ALL had rosemary!

I revisited your website today and was thrilled to see fish oil as the only ingredient. You have a customer for life. Your product, customer service and shipping have always been top notch, but now I have an extra reason.
For anyone who has ever had an epileptic dog, you would do anything to avoid the horror of a grand mal seizure. With your product, it's one less thing for me to worry about.

STAAR's First in Flight, NA, NAJ, GS-N, JS-N, RS-N (Sabrina, rescue Australian Shepherd and epileptic)
NLOL's The Moose is Loose (Samson, rescue Samoyed in training for agility)
Foster home for South Texas Aussie Rescue and Border Collie Rescue of Texas

Christine G wrote on 6/15/15

Please adjust your website so that pet owners can upload photos of their pets! Your product has had amazing results on my kittens. I wish I could show you.Their coats are shiny, healthy, and extremely soft. I attribute their beauty to your product. I and my 3 kittens LOVE the impact it has made.

Thank you so much

Andrea J Wrote on 3/6/15

I have a 3 year old golden retriever named Bunker Boots. He has suffered from itchy and thinning hair for about a year now. I did some research on oils or medications that i could give him and after some trial and error i came across Iceland Pure. I would first like to say that i am amazed at the packaging that the salmon oil got shipped in! the box had fragile stickers on it and the bottle was in-cased in popcorn paper. the bottle didn't leak and arrived without any marks. I also wanted to say that Bunker is not itching like he used to and his coat is starting to come back fully!! I am so excited and i love to see my boy so happy. I will be ordering his salmon oil from here from now on! Thank you so much i really do love this product.

Beth Wrote on 4/30/12

I have been feeding Jackson, chocolate lab, a raw food diet supplemented with fish pills since the age of 2. (He is now 13.8 years old).  In fall 2011, he developed quite a bit of hair loss, and dry, scaly skin.  The holistic vet recommended the Salmon Oil, and this is unbelievable.  Within 2 months, the condition has cleared up completely.  It does make a difference.

Leslie Wrote on 2/22/12

Retail Question

What is the difference between the premier oil and the sardine anchovy oil for dogs?  I always purchase the salmon oil.  Thank you!  your product is awesome!

The Answer:

Hi Leslie, the Premier Omega oil is made from Sardine and Anchovies but it's concentrated. 1 TSP has about 3,000mg of Omega 3 fatty acids against 1,118 for the Salmon oil and 1,296 for the regular sardine anchovy oil.  In the other hand Premier Omega has a mild fish scent. Also 1 pump of Premier Omega will dispense 1,500 mg of Omega 3 thus is hard to measure the appropriate dosage in a small dog. That is why I suggest to use this oil for larger breeds 70LB or heavier.

Hope this helps


Lisa wrote on 11/1/11

Hope all is well with you. The anchovy oil has made a huge difference in our dogs' coats and skin. It's been awesome! So glad that Ken put us in touch. We are just about out.

Should we switch to the salmon oil now.

Thank you and take care,


Melodie H wrote on 8/24/11

Hello, The package from Iceland Pure just arrived. Even before opening the box I was impressed with the package which was labeled -This side up, Liquid content, Handle with Care, Do not drop. Then more astonished upon opening the box to find contents secured in upright fashion by packing peanuts. The best and final revelation was to find the two bottles of Salmon oil package enclosed in their own box, bottles sealed with pump enclosed separately. No oil leakage at all.

What a relief. As a consumer trying to purchase Salmon oil for my dog, it has been difficult locating a product that can be shipped without contents arriving saturated by leaking oil. The other companies were sending the bottles with the pump already inserted in the bottle. All were sent with the bottles laying on their side in the box. These other products were not Iceland Pure.

I am very happy with the Iceland Pure delivery process. Hopefully the product performs just as well. Our dog has been undergoing Chemotherapy for cancer. Her oncology vet recommended augmenting her diet with the Salmon oil for a variety of reasons. One of the most tangible results is the improvement with her coat as the meds she is receiving really dry it out. Salmon oil has really helped restore the silkiness and shine.

Thank you again for making such a wonderful first impression with your company.

I have a Westie and a standard Wirehaired Dachshund and was looking for a product to aid their dry flaky skin. The owner of Wild's Pet Shop in San Clemente, California suggested your product. After the first week I noticed the difference in their coats. I have been using Salmon Oil for several months now and can tell you your product is wonderful. It "delivers" all that is promised and my dogs coats are soft, shiny and there is no evidence of dry flaky skin. I also want to commend you on your pump system. It lets me use the product ALL THE WAY to the bottom unlike most products of it's kind. I am one very happy customer and will continue to spread the word about Iceland Pure!!! Thank you.

Frank was so kind to write on 12/5/10:

The Question is how is Pancho and who is Twinkle?
Thank you so much, Robert. I will be placing another order shortly because I know my boys will go through this initial order relatively quickly. It is pleasure dealing with you!



Thanks again. Thought you would like to see a picture of our pride & joy who just loves your product and it's done wonders for her coat. Our vet says it's excellent for her heart & liver. Think I started to purchase from you about 8 months ago.

Misty is a 2 year old Samoyed.


8-16-10 Mike Wrote

Our Husky/Chow rescue dogs have been using Iceland Pure oil most of their lives. No need to mix any wet food in, they LOVE it and gobble it all up on dry. We at times have run out and tried to feed them dry food alone, even mixed with cans, or other oils, and they sniff it and walk away. They have an amazing coat and skin, we are complemented daily, and they shed very little outside of a quick seasonal molt. They went crazy when we discovered the Sardine-Anchovy flavor! Great product, the best we've found on the market!!

Thank You!

Mike Bruhns, Package Devices

Megan wrote on 7-27-10

Thank you so much! I just called them and they have it! I really appreciate you following up with this for me, and so promptly! I haven't tried the product yet, but your excellent customer service sure stands out. I will let you know how the product works! I am very excited to start using it with my golden retriever who has very dry, scratchy skin.

Thanks so much again.

I am using on my cat and it's been great. He used to get constipated and poop concrete rocks! (i know -- too much information right! ) But now he's normal and no vet visits! thank you!!

I want to tell you about the amazing transformation my dog Pogo has gone through since starting on your Sardine Anchovy Oil. Pogo is a German Shepherd Chow Mix, 11 years old, and has had chronic itches and nibbles for years now. Nothing we tried seemed to help, including Fish Oil capsules, Flax Seed (ground & oil), vet prescribed anti-histamines & bathing treatments, food supplements, single protein diets, and many others.

Since starting Pogo on a once daily supplement of your oil mixed in with her food, I've seen an amazing change in her appearance and comfort level. It took about 10 days for this transformation to occur, and she now has a soft & glossy coat, and no longer spends all day & night scratching and nibbling on herself.

She feels so much better, and looks fantastic! She is a picky eater, and has no issue with the taste at all. It is such a relief to see her be able to relax and feel comfortable. Next I will see what my four cats think of your products!

I can't thank you enough for making such a great product, and enabling me to help my dog Pogo look & feel so much better - she means the world to me, and I truly thrilled. I will be spreading the word - thank you so much!

By Two Brown Dogs from Wolcott, VT on 3/6/2007

Excellent Product
Pros: Easy To Administer, Effective, Gentle, No Side Effects
Best Uses: Daily Care, Older Pets, Younger Pets
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
My two chocolate labs love this salmon oil....I have tried other oils and this one is the most cost efficient [...]. I heat my home with a woodstove and find that in the winter months my dogs coats become really dry and this product helps to deter that. One other bonus is that my older dog has a sensitive stomach and this doesn't seem to bother him at all. I have recommended this product to many people already

By Me 'n The Boys from New Bern, NC on 2/16/2007

One Out Of Two Cats Recommend
Pros: Easy To Administer, No Side Effects
Best Uses: Finicky Eaters, Supplement Kibble
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
I have two cats who can sniff out - and reject - even trace amounts of any supplement. One of them will very happily accept salmon oil either sprinkled over or mixed in with his preferred canned food. In fact, he will sometimes hold out until I DO add some salmon oil to it. Occasionally I can slip in a bit of another medication or supplement without him realizing it, as the salmon oil flavor (and smell) is fairly strong to me but I have a very sensitive nose.

The benefits include much-needed omega oils and other vitamins. The oil also seems to help with digestion and passing stool from an otherwise kibble-heavy diet. I believe it may help with elimination of hairballs, as well. Certainly, the cat in question - a longhair - has a much quieter stomach and fewer vomiting episodes since I began including salmon oil in his diet. He generally gets what amounts to a teaspoon a day; an 8oz bottle lasts for months.

By MingLuv from Hertford, North Carolina on 1/11/2007

My dogs love this product!
Pros:Easy To Administer, Effective, Gentle, No Side Effects
Best Uses:Daily Care, Older Pets, Short-Term Care, Younger Pets
Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
I feel that my dogs should eat more than one healthy food. When I change their food to another good one, I always add salmon oil and they love it and eat it every time. Sometimes I mix the foods and add the salmon oil and that works great, too. I feel it is much healthier than putting "human grade home-made gravy" from oils or grease from chickens or other cooked meats in their food. I was really happy to find this product. I'm getting ready to order more.

By future_vet from Ames, IA on 12/30/2006
Great taste and health benefits
Pros: Easy To Administer
Best Uses: Daily Care, Older Pets
My cats are very picky, and I was afraid they wouldn't like the oil. But after coating their dry food with it, I found that they had no problem eating it.
Also, I once forgot to add it to my dog's food, and poured some directly in his bowl. He licked it clean!
It's definitely not hard to administer and they seem to really enjoy it!
I found that it tends to drip a big on the bottle after pouring, but I just tie a piece of tissue or paper towel around the bottle and it takes care of the problem

Incredible Product!
By Maria from Silver Spring, MD on 12/15/2006
Pros: Easy To Administer, Effective, Gentle, No Side Effects
Best Uses: Daily Care, Treat Specific Illnesses
This product is just terrific. I purchased it after doing research on helping my pooch through some recently developed skin itchiness that seemed season related and read that salmon oil can help. After about 10 days on this product, my dog is not itching at ALL and he loves having it his food! Very easy to administer. This is also a salmon oil that is very safe as there are no toxins in the salmon! We LOVE it!! Will keep using - it has other great beneficial effects as well for our older pooch 🙂

Great for the skin
By pet lover from new Orleans, LA on 9/18/2006
Pros: Good Value, High Quality
Best Uses: Skin
My puppy has long white fur and I want it to stay healthy and beautiful. This salmon is great for her skin and coat. I put some on her food and she just licks it up. She loves the taste of the salmon oil.

Hi Guillermo:

I thought you would enjoy this picture of Miller. He got adopted by a nice young couple in Canada and when you see the picture you will not know it was the same dog!! Thank you so much for your generous donation to help out this young guy who deserved a second chance!!!
Also, I wanted to let you know that I have been using the salmon oil on my two and their coats are soooooo shiny and soft! I know it is the salmon oil that is doing this! And they LOVE it too! Some nights they stand there looking at their dry food and looking at me and I know they are thinking, "where's the oil?" So I give them a generous squirt and stir it up and the bowls are shiny and clean when they are done! I'll be ordering some more real soon! Great product!! Also, the National Specialty show is coming up really soon so I'll be in touch after the show to let you know how it all went and how your donation was used! Thank you sooooo much for your generosity and for making this wonderful product available to us!!


Hi Guillermo:

Your package arrived last week and I have tried out all the products on my dogs and I am pleased to tell you that they loved all of it!!
The oil is so handy with the squirt bottle!! No more cutting capsules open!! All three enjoyed the oil on their kibble!!
The treats were a hit too - even Roxy, our ddb - she's kind of fussy with new treats but she ate them right up!!
Don't worry, I will be ordering more for them soon!!!
The next post I send out to the group I will be sure to let them know how much our guys enjoyed the products!!

Thank you!

Hi Guillermo:

Your package arrived last week and I have tried out all the products on my dogs and I am pleased to tell you that they loved all of it!!
The oil is so handy with the squirt bottle!! No more cutting capsules open!! All three enjoyed the oil on their kibble!!
The treats were a hit too - even Roxy, our ddb - she's kind of fussy with new treats but she ate them right up!!
Don't worry, I will be ordering more for them soon!!!
The next post I send out to the group I will be sure to let them know how much our guys enjoyed the products!!

Thank you!

Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 07:56:58 -0600
From: Nancy
Subject: Re: Salmon oil

Well, whad'dya know? Connie just made me realize that since starting
Ku'a on Icelandic Salmon Oil a couple of months ago, she hasn't been
scratching at all. Since it wasn't a major issue, but a persistent
minor one, I hadn't noticed it until this moment. I had noticed nice
changes to fur quality on both Ku'a and cat Ursa. Hope it will ease
the cat's itchy allergic ears over time. NFI but wish I did.

Nancy H and the newly relieved Ku'a Bella

The Salmon oil and the treats arrived in great condition the next day. My dogs have been going CRAZY
over the treats. They have eaten half of one case already! They absolutely
love them!

Thank you - I will be ordering again soon because I'll have nothing to sell
at the shop!


Nadia Caillou from Camp Verde, AZ 86322 owner of Golden Bone Pet Products and Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab wrote on 9/05

Hello Guillermo,It was wonderful to meet you at Zoo Mart. I tried the Snackfish products on my dogs and they went crazy!

They particularly liked the California Rolls! That was a favorite with all of them. Now, when they hear me opening any of the Snackfish bags, they come running, I have a big yard and have to look for them when they’re up to things.

Now, I just crinkle a Snackfish bag and they’re at the pantry door! They’re all a big hit in this household!

Good luck with your wonderful product and your lovely, warm approach to selling it!

Nadia's website: www.goldenbonepets.com

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