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This pump will NOT Pop Up Open, to open simply rotate gently to the right.

To close simple rotate gently to the left.

Note: The red writing on the top of the pump (stop/open) is for illustration only and does not appear on the pump.

My Pump will not pop out open

The manufacturer has over tighten the pump thus is hard to make it pop open. The Solution hold the white part of the pump with pliers or your fingers then screw counterclockwise to open. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working to solve this problem.

I’m having trouble getting the white silicon

Rarely the plug get stuck to the bottle and becomes hard to open. We think that this happens more often during the winter months due to the fact that the cold freezes the oil that might be around the plug. The best solution that we have found for this problem is to PLACE THE BOTTLE NECK UNDER HOT TAB WATER FOR FEW MINUTES  to warm up the oil making easier to take the plug out. To remove the plug simply pull it upward one it loosen up.

Hello, my pets are taking your Sardine Anchovy Oil. One of them is having hyperthyroidism and I would like to know what concentration of iodine this oil contents.

There is an iodine value associated with fish oil, but it refers to the double bonded carbons. It’s not actual iodine. I have seen this several times from other clients and pet owners.

In our opinion, it's probably better not to feed any fish oil to your pets if they have such condition.

How many Calories in Sardine Anchovy oil?

Calorie Content: 10 calories per 1 gram. 1 Litter (33oz) =10,000 calories

How many Calories in Premier Omega fish oil?

Calorie Content: 10 calories per 1 gram. 1 Litter (33oz) =10,000 calories

What is the Nutritional Information of your fish oils?

This Applies to all of our oils

  • Carbs 0
  • Protein 0
  • Starch 0
  • Sugar 0
  • Sodium 0
  • Fiber 0

Cholesterol approx. 0.5 grams each 100 grams

How many teaspoons in a bottle?

33 Fluid Ounces (US) = 198 Teaspoons (US)

17 Fluid Ounces (US) = 99 Teaspoons (US)

8.75 Fluid Ounces (US) = 49Teaspoons (US)

What’s the difference between Triglyceride and Ethyl Esters

Fish oils, naturally contain triglycerides with DHA and EPA. When the fish undergoes purification process through “molecular distillation,” the fatty acids become liberated and become the ethyl ester free form.

Some fish oil products synthesize the ethyl ester form back into triglyceride form in hopes of preserving the original oil content and reportedly for better stability to sit for longer periods on the store shelves.

However, many other companies, including many pharmaceutical companies, maintain the purified ethyl ester form. But which of the two is better?
If you do research on these two forms, and get past all of the technical mumbo-jumbo, you will probably agree that:

1. Both are good…
2. However the omega 3 acid ethyl ester form actually is more advantageous.
Here’s why.
3. Omega 3 ethyl ester fish oil is bio-available

In order for the body to use fatty acids such as DHA or EPA, they must first be liberated into ethyl ester (EE) form. The EE form is what we could think of as the “pre-digested” form of oil that is readily absorbed by the body.Detailed studies on this oil absorption have indicated that the EE fish oil form may be more bio-available and more readily processed by the cells and incorporated into cell membranes. Ethyl ester form maintains freshness.

Since this form is easier to assimilate, it is less likely to cause that rancid odor and less likely to give you that fishy burp. Omega 3 acid EE can maintain freshness even longer than triglyceride-based fish oil supplements. The EE form is supported by scientific research.

Compared to triglyceride form, it is backed by more scientific and clinical research studies and papers. It is also the form that is often preferred for high doses of DHA and EPA.
This is not to say though that the triglyceride form is not effective. In fact, triglyceride omega 3 fish oils are actually very effective. In many studies, the EE form produced similar or better clinical results compared to the triglyceride form. In one study, even at equal concentrations, the EE form showed better results in lowering triglycerides and reducing platelet aggregation. This is not a sweeping and exhaustive study but it does give a good indication that the EE form is superior. What are omega 3 acid EE and what does this all mean to you when you choose fish oil supplements? The truth is, both triglyceride and ethyl ester fish oil supplements produce health benefits because they are rich in DHA and EPA.

Are your oils from Farmed fish or Wild fish?

Salmon combination of both Farmed and Wild depending Norwegian yearly quotas

Sardine Anchovy, Premier Omega and Shark Liver oil are Wild

Wild Salmon versus Farmed Raised Salmon.

Farmed salmon oil is as healthy as wild Salmon oil due to the fact that once the salmon is processed into oil any toxins (if any) are removed therefore farmed salmon oil is safe and healthy as Wild Salmon oil.

Does your oils have Rosemary as a preservative?

NO none of our oils contain Rosemary as a preservative. We use Natural Tocopherols. Recent Studies have shown that Rosemary extract might in certain occasions cause neurological problems, seizures and anemia.

How do you extract oil from the fish?

We extract our oils at very low temperatures. This procedure ensures that the fatty acids are not broken thus the fish oil qualities are not lost. Our process of distillation is called “molecular-distillation”. This is a state-of-the-art process by which all harmful materials are separated and removed from the product. After the detoxification process, the levels of impurities, toxins or heavy metals in our products are considered toxin free especially in comparison to FDA guide lines. They are many molecular-distillation methods; most keeps the oils at up to 250 degrees C for up to 6 hours under vacuum. Our manufacturer uses a molecular distillation process that takes only 45 seconds at 250 degrees C under high vacuum. This shortening of the “sit” or “residence” time for the process greatly improves the quality because it guarantees that no trans fats are created.

Will Shark Liver oil cure Cancer?

I cannot say that it will but personally I have been told that has stopped the growth of cancer in 3 dogs. The studies do show that adding Shark Liver oil to your pet’s diet will help them after chemo therapy or to prevent cancer. The easiest way to understand how this amazing oil works is; shark liver oil prevents the unhealthy cells to propagate by encasing and protecting the healthy cells.

What type of sharks are harvest to make shark liver oil?

To make this oil the manufacturer harvest the following none endangered fish, Portuguese dogfish, Black dogfish and Leafscale Gulper Shark

Does the Sardine Anchovy oil contains any Taurine levels Like if I was feeding canned sardine in water?

As far as we know the answer is NO. We are not sure if Taurine levels have been tested in our oils, thus as of 9-26-18 we have requested to the manufacture to re-affirmed our answer. Will have an update soon.

I bought too much Oil. What should I do? To Freeze or Not To Freeze

I bought too much Oil. What should I do?

Many customers tend to purchase a 33oz bottle even when they have a small pet even though our recommendation is to purchase a smaller bottle size if you have a small pet. The oil should be use within 90 days after opening. The reason is that oxygen deteriorates and oxidizes oil. Once you start pumping oil out oxygen (air) goes into the bottle and the deterioration process begins. If you store the bottle in the fridge the oil might last longer than 90 days. But honestly why would you keep a fish oil for three months. We always recommend to purchase the appropriate bottle size for the appropriate pet size.

But if you are still compel to purchase a 33oz bottle because of the savings this is our suggested solution:

Separate the oil into two different containers about 1/3 each and freeze it even if it’s a plastic container. Use the remaining oil in the bottles for feeding. Thaw the other containers as needed.

The oil once frozen will not deteriorate the plastic or at least that is our theory.. Better if you use glass jars. Fill the containers as much as possible.

Freezing the oil stops the oxidation process that occurs once air is introduced to the inside bottle by pumping the oil out.

How many Calories in Salmon oil?

Calorie Content: 9 calories per 1 gram. 1 Litter (33oz) = 9,000 calories

How Many IU of Vitamin E you can find in our oils?

The type of vitamin E used is natural mixed tocopherols, its normally not sold for its IU activity but for its antioxidant activity.  D alpha tocopherols is sold for its IU activity but does not work as well in terms of preserving oil so that is why we use mixed tocopherols.
The mixed tocopherols has approximately 250 IU per gram of pure material or 250,000 IU per kg, but 1000 ppm is only 0.1% so the IU activity in a kg of oil with 0.1% content is only 250 IU per kg.

That would make for about 8 international units (IU) per teaspoon

We also found this answer:

Parts per million conversion, 1000 ppm standards from salts and metals, serial dilution, parts per thousand, … so that 1 ppm = 1 mg per liter = mg/Liter.

What the difference between Iceland Pure oils and other oils?

I can’t elaborate on the purity of the other oils in the pet market. What I can say is that fish oils in general has different grades of distillation:

  • Pet Grade
  • Human Grade
  • Pharmaceutical Human Grade ( Iceland Pure grade)

Iceland Pure fish oils are also Winterized and Deodorized.

But the biggest difference between Iceland Pure and most of the other fish oils in the market today is that we housed all our oils in PLASTIC FREE BOTTLES. (to learn more about our bottles follow the link).

How long will the oil last after opening the bottle? 

We recommend that the oils be used within 120 days from the day you open the bottle. The oils might last much longer. The best way to know if the oil is still fresh is by smelling it. If its smells rancid is time to get a new bottle. In order to make sure that the oil is not rancid pour a bit of oil in a glass jar and smell it. This is a better test than smelling it directly from the bottle.

Should I refrigerate the oils?

Is not necessary according to the manufacturer. Nevertheless, I personally do so, specially Premier Omega fish oils.

Have additional questions? Use our contact page to reach us! 

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